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To book a natal chart reading with me, please read the following list of offerings first to decide which one aligns with what you are looking for. When you are ready to book, please contact me to set up an appointment. 

For an accurate reading, you will need your birthday, birth time, and place of birth.  

75 min Astrology Reading $188*

Book this if you are looking to get your natal chart read for the first time or you have specific aspects of your chart that you are looking to know more about. Your meeting will be recorded so you can keep it for reference.

30 min Prerecorded Reading $111*

Book this if you would like a prerecorded session where I give you all the information on your natal chart. Unlike the first option, there will be no live interaction with this booking. Questions can always be emailed to me and I will answer them as promptly as possible. 

30 min Current Transit Reading $77*

This is reserved for people who have previously booked with me for an initial reading and would like to go over current transits and how they are showing up in everyday life. The transits help us gain clarity on a period of time that has purpose.

90 min Synastry/Composite Reading for 2 People $277*

This reading is specifically for 2 people who would like to see where they are compatible and where they may face challenges within their relationship. This can be done with a friend, partner, family member or child. Both people will need to have their birthday, birth time and place of birth in order to have this reading. 

We will be going over your Synastry chart briefly, where both individual birth charts are overlapped and we can see the sweet and sour aspects of the relationship. Next, we will move on to the Composite chart, which goes even deeper. It computes both charts and creates a third that will show what this relationship is birthing and where there may be karmic blessings and lessons for the two of you.

*PLEASE NOTE: Payment in full is due at time of booking. I spend a good amount of time on each chart to ensure accuracy. In order to honor everyone's schedule, please be on time. Your appt starts at the time you are scheduled. I will wait approximately 10 min before ending our meeting and there will be no refund. I understand things happen so I honor appointment changes up until 24 hours before the appointment. Thank you for understanding. NO REFUNDS.

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