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While I have breath, I hope.

Through the circles and cycles of life, I have found myself ever a student, but also a teacher and guide to those who desire to sit at the crossroads in liminal spaces and ask for what they know they deserve out of this precious lifetime. Those who search for magick in this sterile world.


I have spent years leading circles of women through grief, spiritual development, deconstruction, healing and more. I use my gifts as a yoga teacher, astrologer and sound healer, along with guided meditation, body prayer, breath work, mantra & ritual work to encourage each of my students to find that which they already possess- their intuition, their sovereignty and their magick. 




Soul & Sovereignty

A 3-month program embodying the MAGICK of each season. We dive into the wheel of the year practices, lunar rituals, astrology, spell crafting, ancestry work and embodiment practices.

Natal Chart Readings

In these 1 on 1 recorded sessions, we will dive into the energy of your natal chart and go over important natal aspects and current transits. You will need your birthday, birth time, and place of birth for an accurate reading. 

Workshops & Retreats

Whether I am teaching a 3 hour workshop or a 3 day retreat, my intention is to leave you with an experience that guides you back to your own magick. 

You belong in any room you enter.

~Shonda Rhimes

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